Prayer, Torah reading, and Rabbi's sermon applying Torah values to our daily lives make for an introspective and empowering way to sanctify Shabbat. Prayers take place in a warm, welcoming and non-judgmental environment. Set in a traditional but educational format, you won’t be lost at any time whether you are familiar with Hebrew or not.
Services begin at 10:30 a.m. Come get inspired and uplift your soul.

CLICK HERE for the Transliterated Booklet PDF 

Below is the recording for the Shabbat Prayers in Transliteration:

CLICK HERE for Part 1 - Sheyiboneh Beit Hamikdash through Ki L'olam Chasdo
CLICK HERE for Part 2 - HaAderet VeHaemunah through Baruch She'amar
CLICK HERE for Part 3 - Ashrei through Yishtabach
CLICK HERE for Part 4 - El Adon through Ahavat Olam
CLICK HERE for Part 5 - Shema through Amidah
CLICK HERE for Part 6 - Nakdisha through Bei Ana Rachitz
CLICK HERE for Part 7 - Eitz Chayim through Keter
CLICK HERE for Part 8 - Ein Keloheinu through Lemaan Achai
CLICK HERE for Part 9 - Aleinu Le'shabeiach through Adon Olam