Rabbi Avraham Bekhor is the Executive Director of Chabad Center for Jewish Life. A native of Italy, Rabbi Bekhor received his Rabbinic ordination in 1995 in Brooklyn, NY. He additionally furthered his Rabbinic education and/or received certification in the areas of: Shatnez, Safrus, Niddah and Shechitah. Rabbi Bekhor was the director of an outreach school for Jewish University age students in Yerres, France for three years and came to Randolph to direct and expand the Chabad of Randolph  in 2001. Known for his compassion and kindness, Rabbi Bekhor enjoys bringing the relevancy of the timeless messages of our Torah into the community while guiding others to build a beautiful and wholesome relationship with G‑d. Speaking six languages fluently: English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian, French and Arabic, Rabbi Bekhor enjoys conversing and connecting with others while inspiring and uplifting people from all walks of life and from all age groups. Officiating lifecycle events, delivering sermons, teaching adult education courses and conducting prayer serves are just some of the scope of the Rabbi’s work.


Mrs. Chava Bekhor is the Managing Director of Chabad Center for Jewish Life. Mrs. Bekhor is a third generation involved in the Randolph community. Her parents, Yaakov & Devora Tilson were the founders of the Chabad of Randolph in 1986. Growing up in Randolph has given her the insight of the needs of the community and what programming and classes to offer. As a trained teacher and as a certified Life Coach, Mrs. Bekhor is passionate about making the joys and knowledge found in Judaism accessible and relevant to all via courses, classes and events. Directing day camps, preschool and Hebrew schools that cater to the needs of each individual child has been her forte. Being a mother and a grandmother over the past 25 years has been her greatest teacher and joy. Bringing Judaism to life while connecting people to each other has been one of her greatest passions.