Chabad Hebrew School is among the many programs offered by Chabad Center for Jewish Life. We create a stimulating and friendly environment where children embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride, no matter their level of observance or affiliation.

We provide the highest quality Judaic education instilled with love, compassion and spirituality. By fostering camaraderie among the students and providing life lessons from a Jewish perspective, we build community and connection and bring them closer to their faith and spirituality. Through community, connection, and celebration, our overall goal is to provide our students with key life lessons from a Jewish perspective that will bring them closer to their faith and spirituality, while also giving them a greater connection with the community and each member within it.

Children acquire a broad knowledge of Judaism through a motivating and challenging curriculum. Our students gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage as it is vividly brought to life by dedicated, enthusiastic, creative teachers.

We coordinate many events (both community-and-school-centric) that provide experiential learning opportunities to delve into the everyday life and holidays of Judaism. Regardless of prior knowledge, students learn at their own pace and based on their preferred learning style. We offer social and emotional support in addition to our wide array of inclusive programming.

At Chabad, our goal is simple: We want our students to view Judaism in a positive and enthusiastic manner. By year’s end, along with their learning of Jewish history, holidays and the Hebrew language, your child will have developed a deep love and appreciation for their precious heritage. This feeling with imbue their days with a sense of pride and purpose.

For more information or to speak with one of our directors:

Dana: [email protected]

Chava: [email protected]