Who Are We?

Chabad Center for Jewish Life is a warm, organic environment where you can be you. We hail from diverse backgrounds and affiliations, joining together to connect and pray in a relaxed, non-judgemental and uplifting environment. There are no 'airs' or important people here; just human beings reaching out to Hashem and each other.

Chabad seeks to actively engage people of all backgrounds and affiliations in a dynamic and meaningful Jewish experiences. Chabad’s warm, open and non-judgmental style focuses on ‘meeting people where they’re at; creating personal connections while fostering a sense of belonging and spirit of community.

Chabad has become a popular center for Jews to learn more about their Jewish roots. Our Center provides individuals and families many opportunities from our large menu of educational, family and community programming to partake of whatever suits their particular needs and ideological taste. By creating an array of innovative programming for adults, children and families, Chabad seeks to promote an inspired commitment to Judaism and a deepened awareness of its teachings, and to achieve a more unified and robust celebration of Jewish life. 

Our philosophy in keeping with the Chabad approach is all about joy, unconditional love & acceptance and love.