Monthly Rosh Chodesh Meet

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 Previous CONNECTION Events:

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Our guest speaker on Sunday, February 2nd was Mrs. Chaya Teldon. The topic name was When the Matza Falls Buttered Side Down - How to deal with lifes struggles, pain and challenges.  

Our guest speaker on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 was Diane Lang.  Visit her website  to learn more about her.  She presented a workshop called Emotional Detox - Dealing with Negative People.  We all have people who push our buttons, drain our energy and take us off track. From co-workers to neighbors, friends and family members. Difficult people can be found anywhere. These types of people can create situations that cause us to feel frustrated, drained, fatigued and unhappy.  In this workshop we learned: 

  • Tips to deal with difficult people
  • Different communication techniques that you can use to effectively handle negative/difficult people
  • What is a toxic relationship and how to emotionally detox
  • Why people are so negative
  • The consequences of too much negativity in your life

On Monday, March 27th, our guest speaker was Patricia Miller.  Pat is a licensed therapist who has over 25 years of working in private practice in the mental health field.  She presented a workshop called Heart-Directed Living.  In this workshop, participants learned:

  • How to identify methods to arrest the stress response and reduce the amount of time spent in this unhealthy state
  • How to direct and strengthen the thinking brain in order to feel better and live a more fulfilled and productive life
  • And practiced techniques to stay balanced in the face of crisis and change
  • And practiced methods to develop emotional self-regulation.