Shalom Hebrew Club offers a stimulating and friendly environment where children embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride, no matter their level of observance or affiliation.  Children, in first and second grade, acquire a broad knowledge of Judaism through a motivating and challenging venue. Our students gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage as it is vividly brought to life by the dedicated and enthusiastic teachers whose creativity and dynamism make every lesson a unique learning experience.

At Shalom Hebrew Club our goal is simple: We want our students to view Judaism in an intelligent, relevant, and upbeat light. By year's end, along with the Aleph-Bet, Holiday learning Jewish history and the Mitzvot, your child will have developed a deep love and appreciation for their precious heritage, imbuing their every day with a sense of pride and purpose.

We are dedicated to making the richness of our Jewish heritage accessible to the contemporary Jew, every Jew, no matter what their affiliation or level of religious observance. 

Our curriculum includes Jewish History, Culture, Hebrew Language, land of  Israel and Prayer. Your child learns how to read Hebrew fluently and learn Hebrew vocabulary in a self motivating way, through our Aleph Champ innovative System.