Rabbi Avraham Bekhor, a native of Italy, is the director of the organization.

Mrs. Chava Bekhor, director of education, is a third generation involved in Randolph community. Knowing the needs of the town and dedicated to raising Jewish awareness, their goal is to create a warm community atmosphere.  


Avianca Bouchedid

Ms. Avianca Bouchedid is our project manager. She leads the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, and completion of specific projects ensuring consistency with Chabad’s strategy, commitments, and goals. Prior to Chabad, she was the Vice President at COLOTRAQ, a global telecommunications firm, where she handled commissions management and vendor relations. Before that, she was a Vice President at the American Cancer Society - Eastern Division. There, she was accountable for a P&L of $3.2mm and supervised a staff of 15.

Ms. Bouchedid holds an MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University and graduated cum laude from St. John's University with a BA in literature. She can be reached here.  

Netanya Koval  

Born and raised in Randolph, Netanya Koval has been active in the Randolph Chabad community since she was a child. Whether it was Hebrew school, holiday programs or community events, Netanya was involved with the children and families. Now, after spending a year studying abroad in Italy, Netanya will once again, be a familiar face and active participant with the Randolph Chabad as she  brings her artistic nature and creativity to her position here, as well as her position come September as a first grade teacher at the Cheder in Morristown. 

Shlumit Koval

Ms. Shlomit Koval is our director of CTeen.  Born and raised in Randolph, she has spent the last year in a teaching seminary running high school programs in Melbourne, Australia.  We look forward to working with her to her expand our CTeen programming and meet the needs of the teenagers in our community for the 2017-2018 year.